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Well, it wasn't just Western Price. It's other researchers who went through those tribes. I don't think Western Price went to New Guinea, did he? Anyway, they studied the tribes in New Guinea because they were mainly meat eaters, they eat anything but meat. 

They were mainly researchers of cardiology and there were archeologists and anthropologists who also had an interest in cardiac problems.  

So, they went to these tribes who ate only cooked meats, that was their whole diet. They didn't eat vegetables, nothing. Just cooked meats were all they ate, and they, they'd even eat humans. 

And usually, it was a tribe they didn't like. They would snatch one when they're out hunting or something, grab 'em and cook 'em and eat 'em. So, they found that there were only five diseases, and they were gout, osteoporosis to an extent, arthritis and rheumatism, and I forgot the other one.  

Anyway, there were no heart disease, no arterial sclerosis, nothing.  

So, you get arterial sclerosis and liver hardening and hardening of the heart from vegetable oils, hydrogenated vegetables, which are plastic, they crystallize in the human body, so it hardens cells that are made with that oil will crystallize and harden. It is exactly the opposite and like I tell everybody, whatever you hear from the media, whatever you hear from the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry, 90 times times out of a 100, if you do the exact opposite, you'll be doing it correctly.  


So, cirrhosised liver, a good friend of mine have cirrhosis because he was drinking, I think 20, 30 years ago. They were saying, well it was because he was drinking. So, what you would say is the hydrogenated oils could have affected his liver that way? 


If we hadn't been up growing up in a polluted society, you have to understand these people are in the jungle. Their fire is the only pollution they have. 





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