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Do you have question?


Yes, I do. I thank you. Um, I have a tremble, which seems to occur from my elbow , and it tends to come with tension. I get tense, I can feel this vibrate. I relax the vibration. See?


Okay. He says he has trembling from his arm, the elbow, down to his hand, and when he gets tense, it's more prominent at that time. He notices it at that time.

Almost all palsy, almost all Parkinson's. Almost all those diseases are coming from aluminum, the Zeta principle. So, then the electromagnetic energy that's normally supposed to pass through the system gets caught up where the aluminum is stuck and all of the impulses start stuttery.

Say I took a wire out of the plug there and put it against that metal shovel, and all of a sudden you see the sparks going every which way. It's no longer hit a natural conductor. So when somebody plugs it in ,that's the normal passage of electromagnetic energy that goes down into the rest of the fingers or down to the fingers. If it's short circuited by this aluminum, other metals can do it, but it's mainly aluminum.

So, if you've got aluminum there. It's gonna block everything up. That's why Parkinson's, Alzheimer's is also memory block of the particular impulses going from the ganglia or the axons or the synapse firing correctly because you've got this metal toxic metal, especially aluminum stuck there, short circuiting everything.

So, it's a matter of getting aluminum out of the body. Things that I found to get rid of aluminum. The only thing I found to get rid of aluminum is raspberries. Raspberries, and coconut cream , and it's mixed with butter and cow cream. All three creams together. Coconut cream is the most important and always have them in the afternoon or else you might not sleep at night.

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