So what I always do is I know that I can't get butter in most places. If I'm going to France I can get dairy anywhere, in any regular grocery store. I was travelling there in 1973 when I had a girlfriend. So, I would stay in Paris like three months a year, a month at a time, and I was on their case because I could get raw milk at the outdoor markets, like they have a farmer's market right there in Paris right in the streets.

Different parks and different locations, so I'd get all the raw milk, raw cream, and raw butter right there, and there was a company that was producing it and had it there on the market, but no health food store was carrying it. It barely had to go 50 miles up here to get the dairy.

But I got on their case and now they're carrying it everywhere, even the supermarkets are carrying it, and I haven't been to Paris in 3 years.

But in other states I've got connections everywhere. So, in the states I can get anything I want anywhere.

You just have to have it sent to you in Texas. I don't know. Excess farmers in Texas, but I've met farmers in probably 25 states where I can get product, but in the other 25 states, it has to be sent there, but my clients already get it sent to them, so when I go there, they provide it for me. I just tell them what they want ahead of time.

But I have clients who travel like that. They just have it sent to where they're going. So, it's waiting for them when they get there.

People who have farms they'll send it. When I go to a foreign country, I always take a half a pound of butter for every day that I'm going to be there. So, like Tuesday night I'm leaving for Asia and I'll be gone till December 22nd, and I will take 17 pounds of butter with me.


In your case? In your suitcase?

[Aajonus] ------- 2:24

No, I'll take in my cooler and I have a cold pack with it. And, uh, I take the quarter Connie short level, you know, 40 Sunday such my staff because I get. I get eggs anywhere you get better meat and eggs. And in Asia, you have to take a Lenny Jorez with glass jars. You put it in your bag. Um, do you let it go through the metal?

I mean, we, uh, that's right. Well, when I'm going to Asia, you know what I do now say I can travel. I will be on a plane five hours. I get anywhere I have to say. So when I, they don't let me get through. I have a doctor's note that says, you know, as good as his medicine dykes, right. And all the shit they've got really nasty leaving LA.

And so they're just, they're just obnoxious. I'm in communist countries, they have more freedom in China and the people talk about the freedom we had to do. It's so full of shit. It's ridiculous.

Yeah. And we cherish right here. So anyway, so I, when I go, I go through China airlines use or any of those Japanese airlines, they will take the life food and they'll hand it to a guy who walks it out, puts it, brings in hands it to me on the plane. So it does, it gives your skin because you know, I'll be on that plane 1920 hours.

Do you know who domestic? No, here nobody would do it. I mean, if they don't let me do it, I will stand there right in front of them have a quarter milk, you know, Al's honey butter, Rami than upper. Right though, they get so mad. Cause he gets really apparent. Most of them are parents getting something on sucking rides in front?

Didn't really asked them I've been threatened and I didn't leave the area, go eat somewhere else. I'd be in trouble. This is going to arrest me for eating. Do you think a jury is going to find me guilty for eating? You know, and I said, what's going to end up is eventually I'm going to get you in court.

You will be tied up for two days and definitely. And it's going to cost you guys a lot of money and a lot of time, you know? So I'd say you think about that and will, will a jury finds you guilty, but I've got a doctor's note that says my food is my medication and you refuse to let me have it. And you do dangerous my life.

No. Well, they used to have up until six months ago, then all of a sudden something, just a big curtain came down. The iron curtain came down. They call me as fast as I entered. And that's it when I was in, in China and in Vietnam, I mean, I was, I gave them the letter and this, they said, okay, they were very friendly.

And they said, I had a fork in my bag, so I couldn't take that through. So they went and found my bag and put it into my bag. These are the security people they're so friendly and so nice. You know? So all this crap about communism. They run the same as anybody else, but they happen to be more friendly for somebody.

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