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Get this down. Whenever you have a skin disorder or problem, you've got a toxin leaving the body, 90% of them leave through the skin, unless you're having diarrhea or vomit. Then a high proportion will go there, but 90% of your everyday toxins leave through the skin. If you got toxins leaving through the skin, that's a good thing.

You've got sores. Deal with them another way, but don't stop it. You take a steroid, it's a chemical What is a steroid? It's made with what? Trans fatty acids, synthesized proteins or extracted with kerosene or alcohol and kerosene out of soybeans, toxic substance. So, toxic that what happens? Your body deals with that toxin and stops detoxing the old stuff you had in the body that was going through the skin.


Wonder drug.


Yeah. Your wonder drug, but they're really not healing you or making you better. They just poisoned you to the point where your body has to deal with that poison and stop all the other old detox of poisons.

That's the time you just take care of the direct sores that you're having, and you treat them accordingly. You can use lime juice, coconut cream, the Primal Facial Body Care Cream, clay mixed with coconut cream. Keep it moist. That's what you want to help draw those poisons out, you don't wanna stop the poisons from drawing out.

Look at this right here, you see the swelling I have? Last night it was huge swelling. When I was a child, every time I got Novocain or Xylocaine injected into my gums, I would blow up like this, and then I would get these hard tumors right here. And then for the next 10 days, they would boil up and they would burn my skin away. So I used to have these deep scars here.

And since I stopped using Xylocaine and Novocain when I have dental work, I haven't had that problem. But I got mugged in Bangkok 3.5 years ago, and they broke these 2 teeth with the bone and knocked it under my tongue. They hit me with a crowbar or ball-peen hammer to get my movie camera away.

So, they knocked these teeth of this bone all the way down to here underneath my tongue.





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