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Well, it depends. You're very thin, so what happens when you have a toxin that gets freed and loosed from the system: mercury, lead, thallium, cadmium, no matter what it might be, if you don't have the fat to arrest it, it can damage cells in your body and they will die.  

That's why I like people to be fat. I like people to be at least 20% body. I like sick people to be 30% body fat. 

That's a difficult one. You know, it just depends. People can screw around and screw around and screw around, until it's too late. They say well, I'll do it when I can do it, and you've done that for years for, I known you for what, six years, eight years? Eight years now. And many times have you said, " I can't do it right now". 

I just can't do it right now. And I said, I kept telling you Burt, there's gonna be a time when it's too late, and I don't know what that's going to be. But I've seen some people just it's too late, especially if they're skinny, if they're fat, I'll never say it's too late. If they're skinny, I've seen it too late. I've seen people drop off and die.  

Take for example, Elnora Van Winkel. That neuroscientist who spent her whole life for like almost 50 years cataloging all of the compounds, the chemicals that were in the brain and nervous system. She discovered this diet; she went on it. She did research with it, backed up a lot of my findings, and she went on the internet and sent a letter to the New York times about my work and diet and how she was able to prove it chemically. And she did very well, when she started, she was skinny as a beam ball, skinny as when Twiggy was 20 years old. And she went on the diet, started gaining all this weight and then somebody told her about instincto diet. 

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