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My sleeping problem has always been that I sleep way too much. So, once I got on the diet my energy during the day is pretty good, but I do need like 9 or 10 hours sleep every day. 

And if I go to bed late for some reason and I have to wake up early for something important it's one of the most difficult things for me.  

It's always been my whole life and I haven't noticed the change yet, even though I'm being, you know, pretty good.  


How long? 




February, sometimes it takes much longer. 90% of healing happens in the sleep state. Normally, I only sleep 4 1/2 hours a day, total.  

Three hours at night, half an hour to an hour during the day. Sometimes I goan hour and a half of sleep during the day continuously.  

During this healing period, I'm sleeping 12, 14, 16 hours a day.  

Can't heal quickly without sleep state. 

Then you know Cleopatra or beauty sleep.  

That was true.  

She would force himself take an hour, 2-hour nap during a day to get her beauty, sleep.  

'cause it rejuvenates the whole body.  

So, sleeping you should take advantage of because very few people heal like that. 

But you know, once you're on the diet after a while, then you'll break through it. Now I've seen people who are very sick take three years to break that. Y'know, I've had one woman had- 28-year-old girl who had 30 tumors in the breast tumor in her right kidney attached to her adrenal gland in her hip bone. 

You know she's chronichally fatigued for eight years before she went on the diet and worked six hours a week, that's all she could work. 

Slept 12–14-hour days. After 2 1/2 years on the diet, that changed. Went down to 8 hour 8 1/2 most. 

Now, six years on the diet she sleeps maybe 6-8 hours. 

And she goes all the time. All this energy, goes, goes, goes. 

So, it depends upon your health and what's happening in your body but count your blessings if you can sleep.  


I've always felt envious of people who were really sharp in the morning that they don't need an alarm clock, they see the light coming through the window and they're up. 

And for me I'm literally fighting the sheet.  

I have words in my mind when waking up 'cause my mind wants to wake up and my body just can't wake up.  


You've got a low hormone. 

You've got to eat a lot of butter with your meat. Butter and meat together, no matter what kind of meat it is, white or red.  

Chicken or fish, but a combination of all three along with butter will manifest- 

will allow your body and help your body produce more hormones.  

Then if you use cream or oliv

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