Too Much Red Meat Over Acidic For Arthritis




red meat




For some reasons red meat has a tendency to cause over acid condition with people with arthritis. Any kind of joint pain that's not associated with the bacteria doesn't seem to be affected. You've got the virus in the joints we do seem to need more red meat to do the healing. 

Why that is? I don't know. That's an experimentation. I don't create the rules, I just study them. 


The more you cough, you can't have any red meat? 


And also, the pain formula, and the honey/butter formula help.  


For the cough as long as it lasts you don't eat any red meat? Well, you said you're taking the cough as you would a cold or a flu. So, you're not supposed to eat red meat? 


I did say you're not supposed to be eating red meat, I just said there's a time you should eat mostly white meat. That doesn't mean it lasts for six months.  

A cold normally lasts three to five days and the flu lasts from a day to 14 days. That's when you want to concentrate on that, but if you've got a chronic cough, that has nothing to do with a cold or a flu. 


So, I could eat red meat after two days? 



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