Too Much Milk Causes Mineral Buildup





joint pain


Um, I have been doing a lot of strength and health. And recently I met a dance teacher and I spent four days doing all these dances I've never done before. And my knees just became swollen, what causes that?


It's because you never got married.




No, what that usually is is toxic fats leaving your knees.


So, I just overstimulated like a detox from all the dancing because I wasn't used to that kind of hopping.


Well, you also have to understand you were a big milk drinker. You didn't eat a lot of meat for the first three years on the diet. You mainly ate milk and didn't eat much meat and much butter. You were a milk drinker.

Milk is highly concentrated in minerals, low in fat, not high enough in fat for the toxic as we are. So, you just kept collecting a lot of minerals with poisons. And when it comes out to the joints, it will cause tremendous swelling.

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