Tomatoes and Hydration






vitamin d

vitamin a



I will do that with tomatoes too. Probably three weeks ago I couldn't eat enough tomatoes. Probably the vitamin A, it's also a good way to get rid of dehydration, biggest way to eliminate dehydration. Celery juice, tomatoes are the best. Non high fruit concentrations of sodium.  

Sometimes when the body is utilizing fat it starts to dehydrate when detoxing old toxic fats because it has to pull in extra fluids and I don't like to drink water because it's leaching and it's very non-nutritive, so I like to use something with enzymes and electrolytes in it. So, I use tomatoes or vegetable juice to correct that. 


Can you juice some tomatoes with the vegetables? 


No, I would eat the tomatoes. You don't have to have them together; I'm just saying those two forms are good ways to take care of dehydration. Your body can digest much of the fiber in the tomato skin/peel, but there's a lot of vitamin D and A in the skin itself and if I only digest a third of it, it's a lot. 

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