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She asked, why do people get toenail and fingernail fungus? You get a fungi mainly because of antibiotics storing the joints.  

And just remember that antibiotics are made from molds they're molds, from wheat or some kind of grain, and they inject it into you, sterilize them when they inject them into you. 

So, it creates a mold that eats other bacteria molds, mainly what the vaccines and the antibiotics do is they poison the digestive tract and the bloodstream and neurological serum. They poison them and they cause the destruction of many cells.  

So, it doesn't really stop and improve health. What it does is it contaminates the body so badly that the body can no longer focus on what it was detoxifying. Whether you have bacteria, parasites or a fungi, or a virus cleaning your system. It's poisoning and a mass contamination that it causes directly in the serums and in the intestinal tract that stops the normal detoxification that was being carried on. 

So, there's never any progress toward better health from those things, there's just more contamination. When you get the fungus in the nails, whether it's toe or feet, or even fungus in the scalp cause it often happens around hair; in men it could be chest or back, butt.  

Those fungi are mainly from antibiotics. They become reactive again, the molds have created sub molds to help break it down. Now, bacteria, parasites, fungi are all in nature to decompose waste products, reduce them into a substance that could be recycled. So, what do we use as fertilizer? We use excrement, we use secretion, urine. You know, the nitrogen that we put in the fields, which these big corporations put in fields. 

What they've done is they have these huge dairy companies that take urine from the runoff of urine from the cattle, they purify it and then go stick it out into the fields and pump it into the fields after they chemically process it. So, it's got this ammonia and nitrogen in it. And whats the other thing we use? Feces. 

All part of nature to recycle, to fertilize. Same thing occurs in our bodies, the bacteria, parasites and the fungi have waste products. Well, what they've done is taken a mass amount of food and they break it down into a small substance.  

Parasite can eat a 100x its weight for about 20 hours, and reduce that amount into pieces that equal about 1%. So, it's like eating a 100 pounds of food and having a 1 pound shit the next day, 20 hours later. That's efficiency.  

When you have virus working in your body, you don't have a reduction. You have more of a contamination.  

Bacteria can eat 50x their weight in the same amount of time and eliminate 3% to a 5% in a 20-hour period. 

Fungi is a little different. Fungi is like a cross between a virus and a bacteria. There's a serum. They go, they mainly propagate on a mycelium. It's a liquid substance, which goes in and dissolves. It is alive, and if you see mushrooms pop up, you know that a mycelium was working on some kind of root structure in the ground, and if you dig it up, you'll find roots with white [unclear] looking substances on it or liquidity white. That's the mycelium, the mushroom is the fruit of that, which creates the spore, so it could be thrown around when the rain comes and they wash into the earth. If they find dead roots, mycelium goes to work.  

That's the way the bacteria and parasites work in us and fungi. When they find something degenerative, they go to work. That's their job. It's just like the crows and the vultures when they find a dead carcas, they eat it. They consume all this massive stinky, smelly stuff, and reduce it to a small amount of fecal matter, which becomes fertilizer. 

We want parasites, we want bacteria, we want fungi to do their work, to reduce this contamination. We get well faster. Virus, we get well very slowly and a lot of people will die from it, from viruses. And there's no antibiotic that works with a virus because antibiotics are the poison that kill bacteria, parasites and fungus. 

They don't work on non-living substances like a virus. The virus is just a protein body. You spike a petri dish with virus, there is no multiplication of virus. It's all the same amount. If you put live cells in there, all of a sudden more virus will start appearing. Why? Because the virus is created by the cells intercellularly.  

Why are there 200,000 viruses? Because when a cell has to make soaps to clean itself, it's not gonna make a soap to clean everything. How many solvents do we have to clean different kinds of dirt, different kinds of particle, different kinds of oil. A cell has to make a particular virus to clean a particular part of the internal structure or the epidermal structure of the cell itself. 

So, it's a very finite process, and there's no way that any human is smart enough to create a good balance to know what the human body or an animal cell is doing. So, the whole idea that we can balance and counterbalance whatever we do is a myth.  

But people have an inflated idea of what their abilities are and capabilities because it takes a live structure and all the internal life within the structure to do it. Oh, we have 60 trillion cells in our body. Each one is part of the whole structure and takes care of us and itself. And inside that cellular structure, you have 60 trillion micro life forms also making up that one cell. 

So, it's infinite. 

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