Tired From Detox Is Healing









Detoxifying, and you're like really tired. What, what causes the tiredness? Cause I've been like wiped ever since-  


Usually, people with gray hair get that problem *laughs*


So, if I dye it? 

I'll go get some Clorox.  


Any time you get sleepy like that, the body is in a healing state. About 90% of cellular division/reproduction happens in the sleep state, unless you're a very good [unclear] who can get into a very relaxed way without being in a sleep space, to go into cellular division like that.  

So, you need to sleep when you're healing. When I go into a sleepy spell, normally I sleep three and a half to five hours of sleep a day. If I go into a sleepy period where I almost sleep six to seven hours a day, sometimes more, I'll increase my meat to make sure that I'm providing that protein for cellular de division and I'll eat up to three pounds of meat a day when I get sleepy. 

So, sleep, enjoy the sleeping. 


But in the summer hours, like working three hours and the rest of the time I was in bed. 


You needed heal. Do a lot of healing.  



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