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Is it high pitch, is it low pitch?


Low pitch.


High pitch, that's excessive fluid in your ears. What you do at night, you take a hot water bottle and you put it on one ear one night and let it evaporate. That'll take care of the ringing in that ear for two or three days until it builds up again. Then you do it on that ear, that cycle.

You can't do it on the same ear two days in a row, cuz then you'll be imbalanced and you'll lose your equilibrium and get dizzy.


You sleep on the hot water bottle?


Yeah, you sleep on the water bottle to let the excess fluid in the ear evaporate.


Other times when using the hot water bottle, you said you put it on the top. Not to lay on it, is that the case?


Well, no, I say lay on the side, so you're not putting pressure on it and you're not putting pressure on it this way. You lay beside it, so the heat's moving upward at your head.

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What about clicking?


That's dryness and the wax is getting in, the wax is moving, and that creates a clicking sound. That's wax in the ear.

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How warm should the water be in the water bottles?


Warm as you can take it, probably 130°, and then you wrap it with a flannel pillow case or a towel. Don't want to put that hot of a object right up against your ear, but close. Once the towel or the the wrapped flannel pillow case is on it, you've got a barrier between it, so that prevents it from being too hot.

But it takes at least probably 112° to get it to perspire in one night enough to remove the ringing in one night.

If it's a low pitch sound, that means you've got some kind of nasty fluid in there. Usually, when you have a lot of fluid, you've got a lot of heavy metals leaving the brain, trying to dump out the ear in the ear wax, so that'll create a high pitch sound.

If you have things like iron or lower vibrational metals, that brings a low sound, that's a little harder to remove.

You may have to do it every night, instead of every three nights.

That's a way to perspire it, but you need to leave it on a long time. It's so much easier and you don't have to, you can do it while you're asleep. You can't candle while you're asleep, so.

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