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I've seen people with tinnitus who have a metal ridge that takes up a large part of their mouth, causes tinnitus in the ear where the metal is. 

But most often it's cause a lot of metals are detoxing from the brain. Just remember that neurological transmission of light and information is transmitted off of metallic minerals. So, most of the heavy metals go to the brain, and because you cooked your food, people have cooked their food, almost all of them are fractionated from their normal combination of nutrients.  

So, there's a lot of people like Sally Fallon and a lot of chemists that say, you've gotta release those molecules to be able to utilize them. That is absolute hog wash. They're poisonous once they're isolated, they're not properly utilized. 

If you've got a mineral, you shouldn't have just H2O connected with it or let's say a potassium molecule. There should be about 12 - 13 combinations with one molecule of one mineral. There should be a whole unit because when they're isolated, they are earth. It is a rock. It is not a complete biological substance. 

When the brain detoxifies, it detoxifies out the ears, the tear, ducts, the sinuses, the gums mainly, mostly it's the gums and the tongue.  

That's why people get plaque all over their teeth cause the body's dumping all those cauterized minerals out the teeth, out the gums and they take on the teeth. If the heavier metals go out the ears, they'll cause tinnitus. 

You've gotta eat berries. It depends on if it's light metals or heavy metals that're causing- it could be iodine. Lots of iodine with a little lead that can cause that kinda ringing.  

If you really want to get clean it out, you gotta add berries. Combination of raspberries with some dark berries, coconut cream, a little butter and a little raw cream, and honey, 

If you can't get them organic in season, you can always get the organic, frozen berries for that combination, and it's not something that goes away easily because heavy metals, itcould take a thousand fat molecules to get rid of one molecule of mercury, and if you got ringing, you've got quite a metal build up there. 

It's causing you to receive radio wave, and other waves that are causing that ringing. 

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