Tin Poisonous, Aluminum In Fillings








So, aluminum, some of 'em used to use tin, but tin's highly poisonous. So, they went to aluminum, cuz it's lighter and as strong, but not poisonous.


Does it go in the body at all?


Not enough to ever detect a trace. If you collected the amount of toxins that were released from the composite filling, it would take a year to get a trace, collect a trace.

Not enough to do any damage whatsoever. There's no BPAs that are released, no phthalates.


And what about over a 10, 20 year period?


Oh, you still throw all that off, such a minute amount, get rid of it every day.

[Attendee #2]

Would there be a material for pulp capping?

He wanted to use a dycal and he said that if you don't use something, I guess this is over the nerve.


Well, I usually use Biocalyx.


What's that?


It's a type of calcium rock that's powdered and it's pretty non-toxic.


So, who's your dentist?


I use Britton Tijuana. Can you give us that address? Go to brittondental.com.

He's a third generation dentist, so I converted him into a pretty holistic one. Handles a lot of my patient, fly in from everywhere.

He's a good looking, very big bear of a man. He's so gentle, perfect.

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