Tick Bite


lyme disease






How many people get bit every day?  


They call it Lyme disease.  


Lyme disease is another farce. They go through six measurements to determine that maybe you have such thing called Lyme.  


There was a yellow round thing around it. 


Yeah, it sounds like a localized detoxification. There's no such thing as Lyme and they're blaming again, poisons that are in the body that are discharging and causing fibromyalgia, lethargy, and chronic fatigue. 

They wanna blame everything on something in nature. Like the bird flu, the Avion flu. Remember in the 70s, it was the swine flu. We're always blaming it on some animal, aids from the green monkey. You know, it is a joke. They're always blaming something in nature, but if you analyze the tissue and the excrement's, the discharge of any of those areas of the body that are going through detoxification. There is always some kind of heavy metal.  


Even from malaria? 


It's a toxicity that's collected in the body, could be from many different sources. It's just collected in the blood. 

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