Three Grains Of Salt




red blood cells



Concentrate like salt in the blood. Let's say you have three little bitty grains of salt.  

In a body about 5' 8'', about 140 pounds. You will increase the concentration of sodium molecules in the blood to where they clump in about four to five in a clump.  

So, what happens when the cell opens to eat H20? It'll try to pull that sodium cluster into itself and it can't do it. What happens is the magnetism is so great outside that it pulls the ions, which means it pulls the guts out of the cell and the cells can never eat anything again. So, it shrivels like a raisin and dies. And one little grain of salt will destroy 1 million red blood cells that way from clumping, clustering. 

You won't even see it, it's about head of a pin but still you have a lot of it over and over 50, 60 years. That's a lot of destroyed red blood cells.  


Is there any feedback as to whether it kills the cells that are basically supposed to die or that are weak, or does it do it- 


Kill any one that opens to eat, whether it's healthy or not. 

It's just like, if you have your mouth open and I'm passing around poison and you're the healthiest person here, guess what's gonna happen to you?  

[Attendee #2] 

Watch out, Frank. 

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