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I'm talking about how thick or thin blood is and I understand that the human body just has a small range of thickness or thinness, and on the thick side you get clots and on the thin you bleed and don't stop bleeding and stuff like that.

But how does that work on the diet? Can you tell when your blood is too thick or too thin from things that are happening?


If your blood is very thick, uncomfortably thick, you won't produce any saliva. You'd be spitting, thick hard mucus, that's when your blood's too thick. The blood will thick and thin at a large range if you're on a healthy diet.

When your body wants to cool itself, you will hold more more fluid and it will thin the blood.

When your body wants to warm itself, it will get rid of the fluid. You notice when you get cold, all of a sudden you're gotta pee a lot? It's to get rid of the fluid.

Also, the spleen helps in the same way, but not by getting rid of fluid, the spleen holds extra red blood cells. So, if your blood needs to get thick fast, it'll dump a lot of red blood cells into the bloodstream as the kidney's getting rid of a lto of H20 and the other nutrients in your urine.

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