The Cholesterol Myth

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Good, you'll be healthier than most people. 


I've been reading about that, but I feel absolutely the other way. 


Yeah, just get rid of It, propaganda. Like I said, get the book, it's called The Cholesterol Myth. 

You read that book and you'll be cured.  

Get that book and read it.  

[Attendee #2] 

I didn't hear the question. 


She said she has high cholesterol levels, and she worries about the high cholesterol levels because when she eats the diet it makes a higher cholesterol. 

Did you have a 700 cholesterol level? I might be concerned.  

That's a good amount. I like 350 to 400.  


High cholesterol's healthy? 


That's right.  

You have to understand on this diet, even if you're not on this diet.  

Still healthy to have a high cholesterol.  

Because the fats bind with the poisons.  

If you are fat deficient in your blood and you have a low fat level, guess where the poisons are going to go? Into the cells.  

The red and white blood cells, you're going to transfer less oxygen.  

You're going to have more problems.  

So, ahigh cholesterol level is good, it's just that the food industry like to jump on this thing about, well, we can sell now our foods calling them low cholesterol, like cereals and other garbage.  

[Attendee #3] 

What's the book called? 


The Cholesterol Myth. It's referenced in my recipe book. 

OK, don't worry about be happy, because remember when you're on this diet, at least 50% of the cholesterols that are in your blood are going to be toxic ones that are on their way out. 





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