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I got mugged in Bangkok a year and a half ago. They hit me with a board here, split my eye open, and hit me with a hammer and crowbar here. Broke my bones all the way down here and knocked my teeth and the bone under my tongue. So, I had to have the whole thing pulled back in place, wired my jaw, and then the teeth wired in.  

And the dentist in Thailand said the nerve, which is a hose, it goes around all the nerves from the tooth are connected, it was completely separate here and here, and that there's no way that that could be regenerated, and the bone was split completely on both sides and stretched so badly all the way under my tongue, that there's no way it could heal. 

So, they wanted to remove that whole section of my mouth, so I would've had a big hole all the way down here near my jaw.  

And I said, you have no idea other than how you're treating with drugs and everything, how the body does not heal. So, if you know how it does not deal and you don't know how it heals, so wire my jaw, put the teeth back in place, put the bone back in place, let me deal with it. If it goes into necrosis, which is rotting, decomposition, I'll have it all removed in three to six weeks if that happens. 

I still got a big division here. The bone hasn't completely filled in here, but it is it solid, and when it happened, they were like this, back and forth. The bone was completely deteriorated.  


How long did it make for you to heal. 


It took a full year before I could chew on a green pear. So, I had them all my food ground for that year, but they're, they're there.  

And I went back a week to the day to the hospital and showed those dentists, and there were four nurses that were there and there were three dentists that worked on me and put it back, cause it was a mess and it split my entire lip open from here, all the way down to here, and the whole thing was open in there. They had to piece it back together and sew that together, inside and out.  

Showed them the bone and the teeth, and they were just amazed. 

They were just poking in my mouth, all around. Couldn't believe it. Teeth trying to, 

And then four months after that, I was in Thailand, and this kid ran a stop sign in this huge Jeep SUV, and I was in a brand new, small Isuzu SUV in the third seat in back. He hit us so hard that we flipped over three times.  


Somebody else would've been dead. 


I flew out of the harness this way, and of course the seatbelt held me down. My head went through the window, shoulders hit the panel, broke my collarbone clavicle, and clavicle went through my neck and back without hitting my jugular vein, broke two ribs and put a hole in my head this deep fractured my skull and put the bone in. 

I hit it; I was in such pain. I was in the hospital with everybody else that was in both cars and thank God they were overloaded. There was another accident at the same time so that they were so busy that the doctors were going in around asking where it hurt. They weren't looking at you all over as they should, but they just asked, "Where does it hurt", you know? 

So, I didn't tell anything about my head. I've got shards of glass in my head. I'm keeping my hair covered and just telling them my rib and my shoulder, and they said, "We'll do a series of x-rays". I said, "You get two x-rays. One here, and one this leg and that's all you get. You better make it count". 

Cause I wanna make sure I was back in place; I was in so much pain. Didn't feel like it was back in place, but it was. So, I got back to the hotel and I was in excruciating pain, only way I could lie was on the right side of my body to keep the arm just like this, and the pain still was not reducing enough where I could swim. 

So, I took a slab of beef, put it on there, a steak that was cut thinly. Put it on the shoulder. I had some people there helping me, a Thai woman who was very helpful. A wife of one of the people who was helping me find some property.  

So, I put that on there, and went to sleep in 10 minutes. Raw meat just takes the pain right out of the bone right after I went to sleep. So, I'd wake up every 5, 6 hours, I'd have raw meat and honey and butter or I'd have butter, honey and a little section of green banana. And I just got all that in that 36 hours. I flew back to Bangkok, stayed there five days and then flew home, but they said that because of my age and you know, I'm on my 59th year. Because of my age and the damage done here that I'd never be able to have full motion. 

Four months later, I was able to do this, painfully, but I was able to do it. And you can see it's been a year and three months since the accident, no pain, no nothing.  

See this lump right here, this very small one. It was as big as the hard ball, half of a hard ball, and my body built its own cast. 

And as it gets better, it reduces more and more, just like when my mouth took a year and a half to get completely solid. I've got about three more months, four more months for this to go, and it probably will be all resolved. Just takes time, but on this diet, at least it can happen. So anyway, with those two accidents, I turned white as a ghost, took all the weight up on my arm to heal this. 

So, I got real skinny and all of a sudden, I started developing all this elderly looking tissue. They're just sagging everywhere cause I lost all the weight and I didn't have the nutrients to deal with it cause they're were going toward healing and with a severe accident. So, I aged 15 years and over a period of a year from this accident and now in the last three months, it's reversing. 

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