Testing For Radiation - Blenders and Fridges High







Meter, you can see it and if you got a special [unclear] would cost a fortune for one of those, and you can just take your meter and see. 

Protect yourself, every time that meter costs $150/$130-$135. But let me tell you, for your health you can go around your house. 

If your bed is near one of those fields, move it away from that field. 

Because you've got the wires running through your house and some of them can be pretty bad. 


Yeah, refrigerators are pretty intense.  


Yeah, refrigerators and blenders.  

Blenders are the worst, but we don't blend for very long. 

That's why in my book I say blend 5 seconds. Maximum 30 seconds and you don't stand there. 

Looking at or holding it, you get away from it. But you have to really be exposed to those fields for four or five minutes.  


Yeah, I run my blender with a keyboard actually.  


*Vicious laughter* 

[Attendee #2] 

That's a good idea! Aajonus, have you heard that you can take a little portable transistor radio and tune it off of the station, so you just hear static and then that works like a meter.  

So, when you hear it getting more intense static, you know there's more.  


Yeah, but that's certain fields. 


Probably for ionizing radiation. 

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