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Well, I'm still investigating. Right now, I'm using the French green clay and that's good clay. The Terramin clay, T E R R A M I N, is a pretty good clay. It's from the desert, the California desert. Some of the areas where they mined it was from a thermal bed that was about the active maybe 900 years ago or so. 

So, some of those minerals are still cauterized, I'm experimenting with some of it, eating some of it just to see what's like. Cause it may have had enough bacterial activity to where that cauterization has reversed itself, but I'm not going to say positively it is. But you can use it as a mask, you can use it in the bath, you use it as a skin application, whatever you like. 

No, you have to get it off the internet. No, Terramin. Green clay, you can get it at any of the health food stores in the bulk department. 

Yeah, it's a dry clay. Then you mix it in and make a paste of it. 

If I'm putting some clay in the juice, bind with some poisons in the juice. I would blend the foam with the honey, then the honey I'll put the clay in that and when that's all mixed in, I pour it into the rest of the juice and stir that. 

Doesn't make any difference, in that bath it doesn't make any difference. When you put the vinegar in it, that adds an acidity, almost all of the minerals that are sold are on the alkaline side. That's why make I put the vinegar in there to make sure everybody's getting a good balance. We're not getting over alkalinized. The skin is natural acid, so you want it acid, but you don't want it acid from the 192 chemicals in the water. 

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