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Fumigating sounds bad, probably is bad. How do I get rid of these guys without having them destroy... 


All you have to do is get some mint juice. Get some mint, like I grew up peppermint all around here, juice that and just start spraying it all around and it will soak into the wood and they cannot eat it now. 


Are they going to go somewhere else now er? 


They'll go somewhere. Oh, kill them.  


Those are in there under the home because all I have remnants of is our waste, they built pinholes and they push the waste out. Inject down those holes or? 


Yeah, get some mint juice and just start pouring it all around. 

[Attendee #2] 

Does actually growing the plant help? 


Yeah, it does help. It will also keep ants away; ants will not burrow into ground where mint is growing. 

[Attendee #2] 

How long does it last? 


If it soaks into the wood, it's forever. Especially if it has worm holes already in it.  


Boric acid powders? 


Well, boric acid powders and if you breathe it, it can cause deteriorations of your respiratory system, 

Yeah, but also it gases though, say if it rains and moisture gets into the framework, it gases, and you have to deal with those vapors. 

These things were known naturally ages ago, they had fields of mint and they would just grind it into a liquid and just start dumping, treating the wood that way before it even got into a house.  

[Attendee #3] 

Oh, so they would build houses with mint treated wood? 


Oh yeah. Egyptians were heavy with that when they didn't use rock, they preferred rock. But when they used wood, they were always mint treating.  

[Attendee #4] 

Using baking soda as a deodorant? 


No, no, terrible! Diluted lemon juice is the best thing for that. 





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