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I was told I need a filling and I asked the guy about it and he said if I let it go the bacteria will eat through and eventually get your nerve, and I think you have a different opinion about that, but my thought was. 

If you have something wrong with the tooth already, is it the same theory that the bacteria is doing something to that already damage material or is the bacteria actually eating away at the tooth? 


Well, you've asked a very large subject. I'm not gonna go into it fully. If you have, let's say composite, which is plastic. 

It sets off dioxins and phthalates. It causes bacteria to grow underneath, also causes a recession of gum, also causes a recession of nerves. Composites are not good things to put plastic fillings. 

Get inlays or onlays or ceramic. Those are the things to use. 




They only make that in crowns.  


But there's metal under there.  


Yeah. That's to reinforce. 


That's okay? 


Yeah. It's gold. You should ask for gold.  

[Attendee #2] 

You can get gold or you can get a combination of gold and platinum, which is stronger than the gold alone. 


Composites are not good. And of course, if you have amalgam fillings, that's 50% mercury, and that poisons the nerve all the way back. 

I had all my albums removed in 1978. They left all my teeth grey, there wasn't tooth in my head. 

I've only seen young people repair their teeth on this diet. You're so toxic, it takes 40 years to get well. Teeth are the hardest place to repair. You have no circulation going on the outside? The only way you can feed is from within. Bones on the inside, it takes 7.5 years to replace every cell in the bone 5x. 

But you've got circulation coming from every direction in teeth. You don't have that restorative ability. 

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What about the nerves surrounding them? 


Well, they can be severely damaged from all the mercury in amalgams. 

Yeah, that just shows that your nerves are not strong yet. Now, all my teeth dangled after the chemo and radiation. It's deteriorated all of the bone around my teeth, so my teeth just dangled, very sensitive and sore. If I went like that, I'd lose half a cup of blood at a time. So, I had to drink everything through a straw and they wanted to pull all my teeth, and I said, "Well, I'm gonna die in a few months". 

21 years old, I wasn't going to do it. It took years, but the raw cheese really helped me stabilize. Basically, it's my cheese cake: half butter, half cheese, little bit more butter than cheese sometimes. And after about a year and a half, bones grew back, stabilized within the last six years.  

I still have most of my teeth. I'd say I have one here missing and this is deteriorated. That one's taken 20 years to deteriorate. 

No decay. Every time I go to the dentist, there's no decay there. It's just that the acid keeps dissolving the tooth cause it's open. There's no dentine to stop the acids in my mouth from breaking it down. 

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