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Composites are not a good thing. Porcelain, so called enamel fillings are the best thing. It's much more expensive. So, if you have the time and you can do it, you can go down to Mexico and have it done for a third the price.  


What about gold? 

Some people recommend gold, but then there's a tendency that it helps conduct radio frequencies. 

So, there are some people who will have radio signals in their sleep and hear them and disturb their sleep. Some people, it just does it on a normal basis, it depends on how perceptive their ears are.  

So, there's also a, a doctor who calculated the amount of radiation that it attracts. Even gold. So, metals attract radiation and radio wave. Radio waves are radiation just below light level radiation. So, he doesn't recommend, and most people don't recommend metal for that reason. So, your porcelain is most like the tooth and it will cause less toxicity.  

You're always gonna have some toxicity because they have to have a epoxy to gear it to the tooth. If you have an inlay, they make it a little bit fatter than the tooth, so it snaps in. So, you have a very minor amount of epoxy. Now I met with this one dentist who is very naturally oriented. He believes that people should just leave their cavitations open like I do, but he hasn't seen what I've seen.  

He thinks just adding mineral supplements and a good diet will reverse all conditions and it's theoretical and I've seen that it isn't true. It doesn't happen that way.  

Leaving the tooth available to the oxygen. The oxygen itself is going to oxidize the tubules. Tubules are like veins that come through the skin in the tooth and they feed like the lymph all the calcium and the nutrients out to the dentine, and keep the dentine layer safe.  

When you have a cavitation and that oxygen is getting in there. It's like soft bone marrow and it will decay, not decay, will oxidize.  

I've been back to dentist for the last 15 years, several times. I have absolutely no decay in my mouth, but I have all these rotten looking teeth, but that's oxidization so I'm not breeding bacteria to degenerate my teeth, but naturally oxidization happens. 

So, I don't recommend people do that, I'm just experimenting with myself to see... 





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