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Something I haven't really gone into in the book, and it disturbs a lot of people because it's a painful area. It's a delicate area. I think I mentioned that after chemo and radiation in surgery, my teeth just dangled. All the bone deteriorated around my teeth.  

So, they were all loose and very painful, and if I bit down, I'd lose half a cup of blood each time I bit down. So, I had to drink everything through a straw. Of course, I was a vegetarian, fruitarian. So, that was easy to do at the time, but of course, that sugar and high sugar kept the bone from growing, and it wasn't until I started eating dairy products and meat that my teeth solidified again to where I didn't lose them. 

But they wanted to pull all of them when I was 21 years old. And I said, if I'm going to my grave, I'm going to my grave with my teeth. So he says, what does it matter if you're in your grave? 

I said I'm already ugly. 

So, I refused to do it and it's been a lot of healing with my teeth because they pretty much rotted. They were rotted by about 50% by the time I was 28 years old on an all-fruit diet. And then at 29 a half, I began eating a meat and then it changed. My teeth started solidifying, bones started growing quickly, everything started growing. 

Took about 13 years to stabilize. I had no pain; I had several teeth that I refused to get filled because I want to see what it would be like naturally to experience it. I don't suggest people do that because you will lose teeth doing that. I suggest if you have holes in your teeth, you get fillings. 

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