Teeth Caps Came Off






I started to say earlier when I had one of these caps come off, I had two caps to the left. Two came off and I just left them off. So, two right here, one of them came off. Now they've been on since 1978. They've been on a long time. One of 'em popped out 10 years ago. I said, well, I'm not gonna go have the epoxy put on there. 

So, I took bees wax I was chewing. I took a spoon, and made it into a very thin waver. I mean, paper thin. Then I pressed it beside the tooth and put it on and just bit it. It's been on for almost 11 years, and when I went to a dentist about five years ago, I forgot which one it was. So, I said, would you do me a favor and go there and try to pull, I just want to see what the tooth looks like under the beeswax. How much. the tooth has oxidized. Like if it does the same thing as it would if it had the epoxy on it, he couldn't get either one off. He didn't know which one it was. 

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