Well, you're talking about a subject that takes many, many years to... 

The question is how do you get a *dentist* to do what is compatible with the diet. There is nothing compatible with about anything a dentist does, anytime they put anything in your mouth, they have to put an epoxy in there. Just like you have veins going throughout the body. 

You have tubules in the teeth, which take circulation and nutrients from the nerve into the tooth, and it passes into the mouth. When your teeth are decaying, they're not decaying from the outside, they're decaying from the poisoning out from in the mouth, in the nerves, passing out. Weakens the dentine. Yes bacteria can eat away at the outside if the dentine is fouled by the poisons that are on the inside going out, but people who have strong teeth and strong bloodstreams, do not get cavities like the Eskimos. They eat 90% of their diet was raw meat and only 10% that wasn't was that 10% was out of the three months of the year where they could get berries and other things and they had no cavities until 1886 and that was first cavity was the fellow who's eating the breads and sugar that the Germans have brought over for 50 years was the first cavity. Anytime you put anything in the mouth and fill it, it has to be a epoxied in. Therefore, you're going to contaminate the tooth more. 

What I've done is when my cavities pop, I leave them alone. I don't put anything back, but that means, you know, some of them are almost all filling. So, those teeth, I've had three of them break because there was hardly any tooth in it. So, I have a tooth that I had them make in Mexico because they will not do this here. 

They are not allowed to give you a tooth that you can remove. They have to cement it in and I don't want it cemented in cause I don't want that to epoxy in my mouth because I'm experimenting to see whether teeth can regenerate on this diet and I won't know for another 20 years, but I'm taking a chance, I'm taking a chance on losing my teeth. I've got another one here that's made the same way because the tooth broke. I mean, those teeth- the one back here, this molar, two-thirds of the tooth had been a filling and when it popped out, I let them go until there was no more decay, I had a dentist look at it every year, no decay for those 8 years. And I left the filling out of it and it didn't break until I was ripping on some gristle and it broke, but that's what it took. I mean, cavities, I don't have any more cavities. All these open cavities, teeth that are wide open, nerves that are wide open, no pain, no decay. I've got wide open fillings. 

Because you have poisons that come out through the gums constantly, especially your milk because milk can carry toxic substances and metals from the brain and the brain holds the most toxic metals in the entire body and it comes out in the gums and that can be a solvent reaction that dissolves dentine. So, you definitely want to brush. 


Dental cleaning? 


No, I don't like that. Every time I go there it causes my gums to recede more and they're telling me your gums are receding. Well, every animal's gums recede throughout their whole life and there's not a problem with it. They just make a lot of money on the cleanings and rip the shit out of the gums. 


Yellow teeth? 


No, you have to realize again the contamination is coming through the tubules out to the tooth. Take people who snort cocaine. You see their teeth that turn gray? That's because all that cocaine has gone down, gotten into the nerves and is leaking into the nerves out the teeth and it turns your teeth gray. 

Oh, no, I've seen a reverse after maybe 12 years on the diet, people who had cocaine. 

Yeah, but I was hoping for that, but I probably had so much chemo radiation, and so much mercury in my days from all the vaccines that I had, especially tetanus. I hadn't been able to regenerate, and I got one kid, he was 22 years old, he had a huge cavity pop out, in a year it was completely filled in, you know. I'm not like that. 

I'm too toxic. You know, that would be wonderful. 

Yeah, I remember one girl who had cancer and was vomiting a lot and her saliva was fouler than the oldest high meat that I've ever smelled. It was worse than the Eskimo stuff that they buried, and she had to spit it out. If she swallowed it, she would've been vomiting more 

When she did swallow it, she did swallow more. 


What do you brush with? 


I usually brush it with cream or butter and milk. 


Not mixed with the clay? 


You can, if you would like to Polish your teeth and help get rid of some heavier plaques, if you have it deep down in your gums, mixing a little powdered clay like the Aztec secret clay with the butter or cream and that'll act as a jeweler's rouge and polish them. 

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