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The trichinosis, the whipworm that all humans used to have up to about 10,000 years ago, and many still had, the Africans still had them produces three enzymes, which prevent pancreatic cancer and one that prevents brain tumor.  

So, we're finding out all these parasites are good for us, not bad for us, and we'd be a lot healthier and all the animals in humans who have them are healthier in digestibility and digestion, everything. They do a lot better.  

So, parasites are your friend, if though you were so toxic with decaying tissue from pesticides and all of that will kill so many of them, you will be fed on by a lot of parasites. 

It's like third world children. The World Health Organization says, "Oh, we're gonna help these poor starving children in Ethiopia and everywhere". You know what they give them? They pay the cereal industry billions of dollars to get them shipped garbage and denatured food. So, these children eat these cereals, which are highly toxic, and most of them are fried. 

So, what happens is you have all these acrylamides that build up, with all these acrylamides it poisons the children. So, they get these tapeworms that try to reduce the sugar in the body, in the intestines, and that's what the tapeworms are eating. They're eating sugar damaged cells and excess carbohydrate byproducts. 

So, they're necessary. They're not causing the starvation of these children. They're putting little smoke streams up and and saying that's what's causing it, the tapeworm. No, it's the toxic food, non-food that they're being fed. You're causing them to disintegrate, the human body needs meat, milk, some kind of animal protein to sustain itself, especially tribes in Africa who were that's what they've lived on for ages. 

They are not cereal oriented individuals. 

Kellogg's is one of the biggest, and Purina. Their whole bodies are decaying because of this food substance that they're getting. Then of course, you can have parasite to eat up your body.  

Let's say your liver's completely damaged, and the parasite goes in to help you clean it. Well, if the whole liver is bad, then the whole liver's going to be eaten. Could. That's not a normal scenario, but it's a possibility. So, you may have 20 people out of 100 people die from it. That's not a lot of people. Um if you're looking at average, but it's still, that's a big chance of dying. 

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