Tapeworms Live On High Sugar Diet










What did I just say? I said that each cell contains all of the eggs for any worm, any parasite that existed that eats on human flesh. Plus, every bacteria, it's a natural innate part of every cell.  

Now, when you take a tapeworm of a person who's eating just cooked and mainly old people who have tapeworms, it lives on a high sugar environment. So, when we send just sugar cereals over and grains for these third world children to eat, they all get tapeworms because that's all they're eating, and our bodies are not meant to eat that, our bodies are meant to eat animal foods and all that excessive sugar going through the system poisoning you, they get these bloated stomachs. 

They need the tapeworm to help them from having all that advanced glycation end product and acrylamide toxicity. Without that tapeworm, they'd all die very quickly, probably within a year, but they can live with that tapeworm for 27 years in their body if that's the major part of what they eat is that sugar or called high-carbohydrate food. 

I've seen pictures of tapeworms from animals, humans that eat and other animals that eat only cooked foods, and when it shrivels and shrinks, it turns into either like a hard rice, or it turns into a shrunken flattened piece of corn. However, I saved a bit of a tapeworm to see what had happened for me, and the thing shriveled up into a thread and disappeared into an egg. That's what it does in the body. 

That egg exists in every cell in the body and when your body needs it, and it only exists in the intestines, you will discharge that egg and that egg will hatch. 


Does your body do that every time? 


If your body has the ingenuity to utilize and do it, it will, but most people don't. I haven't I've been too toxic. 

I had medications all the time, all kinds of medications, and then the chemo and radiation. So, if any bacteria or parasite tried to help me, they would be poisoned to death. So, none could thrive in my body. So, I've went through all these years of no parasites, no bacteria in my body, and I was sick all the time. 


But now you're getting rid of the radiation from the chemotherapy. 


Right. So, now finally I got to the point where I can breed a parasite, which is wonderful, and in my book, in the recipe book, I talked about Joel Weinstock. The gastroenterologist at the university of Iowa, he had these long-term patients that suffered anywhere from 10 to 30 years with inflammatory bowel syndrome. I gave a lecture about 20 years ago, Yale, and he was a part of that, and I was talking about how they are beneficial, and if we had them, we would have half the symptoms or none because they would be helping us discharge all the poisons.  

So, about 10 or 12 years ago, 11 years ago, he took the whip worm from a pig and got the eggs from it and then put it in Gatorade and gave it to six people that suffered incurable, inflammatory bowel syndrome.  

Five of the six completely lost all symptoms, just like that. We're talking five days, all their symptoms, and this is a painful thing because every time you eat anything, you have instant diarrhea and pain is always painful, and if it goes into Crohn's, you have the poisons get into the joints, and cause joints to swell guys like rheumatoid arthritic condition. It is very, very painful, and these people suffered the most. These six people here were his worst clients. five of them, out of the 6 completely resolved. 

They were back about five months later, knocking on the door for more because what was their body? Their body was so contaminated. They couldn't keep breeding because it was poisoning the parasites. So, they had to go back for more of them.  

I tried to spike bacteria and parasites in people and animals, but was unable to do it, but I never thought of putting it in an alkaline substance like Gatorade. 

I could've put it in vegetable use, but I thought you don't put an animal product in a vegetable juice, but if I had done that it might have worked. I don't have a laboratory anymore, so I can't do the experiment, but that probably work because if you put it an acid solution or even water, the hydrochloric acid will dissolve the eggs and all that. 

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