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If you wanna resolve a problem, it's good to get a tapeworm or something like that. I had constipation from the age of 3 years old or probably 18 months after that tetanus shot that made me autistic, and up until almost 4 years ago, I did an experiment fermenting milk with some maca powder. Which is a root from South America that has a lot of flavor and taste like Cheerios. And I was gonna do it to help detoxify all the cereals that I lived on as a teenager and child and donuts. So, I fermented it over a little bit longer than I should have. It was so fermented than when I popped the top off the bottle, the alcohol actually burned my sinuses and my eyes were red and tearing for almost 24 hours, but I had 3 cups at a time which was stupid. In a day I should have taken like 1/4 cup a day or something like that. In 24 hour period, I did 3 cups.

So, if it caused me to have a tapeworm. And the tapeworms do not live on intestinal tissue. They eat the food, excess sugars, they eat sugars. Only creatures in the world that get tapeworms are those that are fed cereals. That's why all the African children that get tapeworms are because when they get the help packages.

These people who help feed these people are making deals with General Foods and Purina for the worst discarded cereals, so they can feed a lot of people and it's not about quality, it's about the amount that they can feed these people.

So, they give them powdered milk and we know by Pottenger's work with the powdered milk, it created the worst diseases and the most violence in the animals, in the cats. So, they feed them this powdered milk with water in this cereal, this waste cereal that they can't even sell in this country. So, they give it to these children and then they get tapeworms cuz the tapeworms eat excess sugar to keep the intestines from dissolving.

And we're told the tapeworm will eat all the protein. No it doesn't eat the protein. He eats only high carbohydrate foods that get into the intestinal tract.

So, I had this tapeworm going to town in me and I was so happy, my first parasite. I've been trying to eat parasites for 36 years and I wasn't able to get a parasite. So, this is my first parasite, because of chemotherapy and radiation I was too toxic to breed and maintain parasites in my body.

So, I got my first parasite, about 5, 6 days later, I get this craving for onion. So, I sat down, who sits down and eats a half of an onion, just sits and eats it. I can't even take much of onion in my food, but I sat down and ate a half an onion. Within six hours, I shat out 48 feet of a tapeworm and I happened to be in a hotel in Hanoi and it was all hardwood floors. I was paying $12 for a hotel room that was all wood, all wood furniture. Excellent quality, $12. The ceiling was wood Parque and floor was real teak wood Parque, $12 a night.

So, I had to get this thing out of the toilet cause I wanted to measure it, see how long it was. A tapeworm's sections will shrivel up like a rice in about six hours, a tapeworm noodle will just look like a rice. Harvested dry, hard rice. So, I had to get it spread out quickly to measure it. So, I'm putting it gently along the floor. It took me about probably 20 minutes, so I knew it shrunk a few feet at that point, but I had about 47 feet of tapeworm, which probably about 50 feet. So, I was all upset with myself because it came out with the onion, just shot out with the onion. So, I was all upset and then about eight weeks later and I had diarrhea, not a lot of diarrhea, but when I had the movement every day, it was diarrhea. So, it wasn't annoying. I didn't have to run to a toilet all the time, when I had it once a day, it was diarrhea. I guess it was about six weeks later, I noticed a noodle in the toilet again, and it's floating like a stingray, and that's again, a section of a tapeworm.

So, I thought, oh my God, you see, he lives, he lives in me, doing work. And then I had him for about six weeks. I'd see segments every time I had a bowel movement, I've never been constipated since. Even on a raw diet, I was constipated with the first part of the fecal matter.

When I was a child, I went every three to five days. So, when it came out, it came out as big as my fist and as hard as granite and felt like granite, was just sharp and it ripped my rectum. So, by the time I was 21 years old, 22 went onto the raw diet. My rectum was an inch thick with fibroids, scar tissue, from ripping. And it would rip, I bled every time I went to the bathroom, every time I had a bowel movement and it continued on this diet. I could have 5, 6 bowel movements a day, but the first one in the day, the first part of it was hard as granite again, always.

When I had that tapeworm, ever since the tapeworm, everything is smooth.

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