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calm down


nut formula


sensitive teeth




Lube formula at least twice a week with butter. 

Doesn't matter, the nut formula will help your nerves, if you had the radiation in your nerves. 


Is that why you're irritable? 




Otherwise, you don't need that on the weight loss? 


If you have a tendency, don't wait till you get irritable on the weight loss program. 


Do it automatically? 


Once a week.  


Can the nut formula cause constipation? 


Not if you have enough butter in it. Okay. Oh, also for people who having trouble with constipation... sugar byproducts that your body's eliminating. Either acrylamides or advanced glycation end products, especially if they're buried in your intestinal walls. 


Is it alive? 


Not when they're pooped out.  


But why did that first one come out so fast if I had all this stuff still in me? 


Because that particular one wasn't eating the old stuff, it was eating stuff that was in the intestines. It changed the type of sugars it was eating.  

[Attendee #2] 

So, people who eat meat or eggs? 


They don't eat protein. 

Tapeworms exist only in third world of countries where they mainly eat cereals and grains. You see his little children with big tummies? They are eating all this carbs, carbs aren't good for the human diet. So, what happens is the tapeworms, they're eating all of this. 

Of course, the medical profession says, "Oh, the tapeworms are eating the food, so you're not gaining weight". Well, fuck get 'em off of the carbohydrates and feed them some dairy and meat, then you'll see the change.  


Why do they have it over there and we don't have it here? 


Cause we eat meat, and dairy. 

Usually, tapeworms exist in people who eat high carbs, and they're naturally lethargic anyway, but people who are on a good raw meat and dairy diet don't have the same type of issue. 

He's your friend, they're your friends. They're helping you get well quicker. Like I say in the second book people who have worms get well 5x faster than any other way. 

So enjoy. Enjoy your little slimy friend. 


Are worms considered parasites? 


Worms are parasites. 

We have worms, parasites everywhere in the body for all types of... 

Yeah, because it causes massive detoxification from the sugar detoxification 

you'll go in and out in and out 

When the bee collects the nectar, it swallows it. Manufactures an insulin like substance, which converts 90% of the carbohydrate into enzymes for digesting, utilizing and assimilating protein, only 10% is sugar. 


But still when I eat honey, I get pain until I brush my teeth. 


10% can be a lot to some people. What 10% of the honey. 

Helps you digest your protein. You won't get well if you can't digest protein. 

You don't need it, but because we're so ill. You are all diseased *Laughs*. 

So, you can count on eating honey for a while. 

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