Synthetic Vitamins (2)

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Almost all the foods out there in a grocery store have no nutrients in them. And when you see nutrients added to it, vitamins; remember those vitamins are not natural. Those are all chemical. So, you're really not getting any biological nutrient in there, complete form.

The food industry loves that because you eat all the time, you'll never be satisfied. The only drawback to that is some people get nauseous from it because they don't digest properly, and a lot of the toxins causes them to lose their appetite, but most people are never satisfied, so they're constantly eating and they overeat.

The food companies love that. Absolutely love it. So, the more they can denature the food and make you eat more of it, they will do it. So, when you're on a raw diet and you're getting plenty of the proper nutrients and a balanced diet like I organized it on page 40 and 41 of the recipe book. If you follow that kind of pattern, for most people that will work and you'll never be hungry, you'll never have those cravings that are blown out after about the first 30 days. Once your body gets enough nutrients, it will say, oh my God, finally, you know, I'm not hungry all the time. I feel satisfied with my food.





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