Swelling Helps Bruises - Ice Damages Cartilage





hot water bottles





What you recommend as an additional treatment...  


Amputation! *Laughs* anytime you have a bruised cartilage nerves can bruise too, you have to have swelling. Circulation has to come in there, remove the bruised tissue and damage byproducts in order for the knee to repair itself or the joint to repair itself.  

That's why athletes burn out very young in life. They keep putting ice on something, it never cleanses properly. The tissue stays in there, gradually their cartilage isn't solid and doesn't work anymore. So, they get shots of cortisone to numb the nerves and keep doing that until they're useless. They are tribes in the Andes and all over the world that even at 90 years old, they're still running 200 miles a year. 

They do a football exercise (soccer) where they'll go through the mountains cause it's not as much oxygen, 200 miles. They play this game once a year. They don't have that problem cause they never use ice under bruises or anything.  

So, if you put hot water bottles there, it helps all the tendons relax, so that the swelling can occur without the pain. 

Remember, the pain is the swelling in the nerve endings, the capillaries, the nerve platelets. So, you just have to make sure everything's heated, so it relaxes and expands. 

So, the best thing to do is apply heat.  


How long after? 


Immediately. For days until the pain stops. Any kind of pain you have, apply hot water, always. Any circumstance.  

Even when it's internal, you have pain in your liver. When your pain is a problem after eating a lubrication formula, put a hot water bottle here, so that the liver relaxes then it can start working properly.  

After I ate the poison mushroom my liver was in severe pain. I got headaches from that liver pain, but lemme tell you, I forced myself to eat a pound and a half to two pounds of butter a day cause I knew that liver would shut down if I didn't force it.  

And I lived, I strapped two hot water bottles to my stomach, so that I could get through it. 


It keeps down the swelling? 


No, what it does is it allows everything to relax and stretch and expand without the pain, without tearing, and pull and pressure. 


What about swelling? 


Same thing. Swelling of the liver, swelling is what causes the pain. If everything relaxes, it can take this expansion without pain. 

Still use the hot water bottle cause it will increase circulation, so you can clean that area out quickly.  


Would heat actually cause swelling to worsen? 


For a few minutes, but it doesn't increase the pain. It reduces the pain. Once everything starts relax, it actually reduces the pain. It just takes about five minutes. 

Because that increases circulation, circulation means more nutrients in, and more waste products out. 

You have to have the swelling or you don't cleanse and you don't heal and you end up like all the athletes pumped by coaches and doctors with aerosol and steroids, packed with ice, so they can get right back on the field. 

Not if you're on good diet. Sure, if you've got very tight tendons, you wouldn't be an athlete in the first place and if you're an athlete, you could handle heat. That's what they do say, for three days use ice, then use heat. Your most critical stage is in the first three days to get rid of bruised toxics substances out of that area. 

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