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And I ask, when I go to a sushi bar, I say, "Did this come from a fish farm rr did this come from the ocean?" I always ask. And they know.

If it comes in that day, they will serve it fresh. If they keep it overnight, the LA restriction is they have to freeze it.


So, which place do you recommend?


All of them get it fresh overnight.

However, I ate at a sushi bar twice last year and got sick both times because they were using MSG on them and I got MSG poisoning twice. So, I stopped going to sushi bars.


He said he knows a guy who runs the sushi plays here in LA, and if this guy told James two sushi joints here in LA, that you have only served fresh fish, he knows for sure that they never serve frozen. Now you'll have ask James where they are.


I will. Cause I stopped going sushi bars in this city because of that. There's a great place in Phoenix, Arizona, I can I get, get a whole platter of raw fish for a $100 that would cost me $600 here. $100 for a whole platter that it takes 4 - 5 of us to eat this whole platter. So, for $100, I can feed four people. Here I can't even feed myself for $100. I leave a sushi bar hungry. They're so expensive.

It's just outrageous.

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