Surgery Uses Antiseptics






coconut cream

lime juice



If you have surgery, what do they do? They put chemicals in there and then they put an antiseptic that's either methylate or mercurochrome, both of those are liquid mercury or iodine, which is highly antibacterial, just like mercury is, only it's radioactive if you get an x-ray.

They always coat you with an antiseptic. Always coat you inside and outside.

If they're using methylate or mercurochrome, either one or even the iodine, it will look yellow, kind of an orangeish-yellow. If you took your bandage off, you would've seen it and they do it on the inside.

So, it may be 10 years before your heal. This one will heal in a year completely, and this is a split tibia. I split the tibia in two in the motorcycle accident, ripped this and this. I ripped the tendons off of this ankle and shaved this whole bone down on the pavement and then shaved all this bone down on the pavement. You don't see any scarring there, all the skin was gone.


So what did you do?


Well, what I did first is I put lime juice on because lime juice is an antiseptic. It will coat any particle That's entered the body and coat it, So your body doesn't have to use white blood cells to surround, So you don't have a mass infection, but I put coconut cream over that, everything stinks, and then honey over that.

And then the areas where I lost more than just skin when I had muscle and bone removed, I put thin slices of meat over that. And then I took little pieces of plastic and then put that over, so the meat wouldn't dry out and then wrapped it in an ACE bandage. And that was all over the leg and all over this arm all the way back to here cause I'd taken all the skin off and I healed all of the skin in two weeks.

Just this little bit of scarring here and here, I have this little bit of scar here, this dark color. That's all that I have left of it. A few little discolorations here.

Stay on the diet, it will heal eventually.


So, high meat is good?


Well, high meat isn't necessarily appropriate, that's for the brain and nervous system. Meat is good. Red meat and fish together would be good to heal that a little quicker, and you could put lime juice and coconut and cream on the outside to try to draw those poisons out that are in there.


No operation?


I'm saying no operations. I went to the hospital, cuz I was in so much pain that I thought that my knee was dislocated, cuz I had the lump here and the lump here, so the whole knee looked like it was like this, but after the x-rays it just showed that was in place, just these tendons here had ripped, and they were bubbled up like that. They were ripped off, completely ripped off.


So, you can grow that back?


It was ripped from here, completely ripped from here and bubbled up here, bunched up here. So, in a week, it grew all the way back, right back to where it was supposed to attach and reattached.


You stayed off it during that time, right?


Oh, I stayed off for six weeks. Very little, to go to the toilet, to get in a wheelchair for six and a half weeks. I did go into the ocean twice a day in the morning and evening, to walk. I did walk in the ocean where my body was lighter. So, I walked about two miles each day in the ocean almost every day.

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