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Yeah, he went for that treatment, but that's only because it was taking over his face again. But when I had that tissue analyzed, it was all concentrations of mineral supplements and vitamins. I'm telling you, they're chemical, just like anything else. The only place you can get food vitamins is from food.

Think about it people ,you have to use your head. This is a money producing industry. They want your money. If they took vitamins from food, how many vitamin E are they going get out of a whole ear corn? To fit a couple capsules.

Do you think they're gonna produce hundreds and thousands of acres of corn or soybeans to get a few vitamin E capsules, they would cost you thousands of dollars. Each capsule could cost you $200, $300, $400. These people are using chemistry.

Sure. You've got a good guy with a good mind. People who want good things, they go to a chemistry lab, say, this is what I want, and the chemistry lab tells them, "Oh, we can do that". And they're lying through their teeth, you can't do it. Cause that chemistry lab is gonna go to a food manufacturer and say, "I need your waste product, so I can use a chemical extraction and get a certain nutrient out of that food".

That food's already been chemically. It's already been heat processed. It's not food anymore, it's a chemical laboratory.


Fish oil!


Fish oil, still the FDA doesn't allow fish oil, unless it's treated. Chemically or heat treated and both usually. Can't do it.

You want fish oil, you eat fish, and then you utilize it better anyway. If you're looking at supplements like butter X, that's different. You got a fermentation process that cuts off this really refined fat from a cruder fat, that's like making butter from cream.

It is a process, but it's still a food.

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Is that the butter oil from the Western price foundation?



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