Sunglasses and Vitamin D - Sun Is Okay With Good Fats






fat deficiency




I would say if it's causing you headaches or severe problems, then you use sunglasses.

Sun gazing and all of that, yeah. Vitamin D is very helpful for the eyes. Keeps them young and alive.


Does the sun causes cataracts or anything like that in the long run?


No. Well, as long as you have good fats in the body, the sun causes the oils, the fats in the skin to transform into vitamin D, including the cornea and in the retina. So, it aids the body, but if you don't have good fats, let's say you're full of vegetable oils and you don't have any good animal fats in the body.

It can cause a cancer, cataracts, glaucoma can cause all kinds of problems.


Can cataracts reverse?


I've seen them reverse on this diet in animal, and human.

I had a pug that was given to me. He had MS couldn't even stand up or walk, couldn't even have a bowel mover or urinate on his own.

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