Sun Radiation Doesn't Cause Damage - Cell Phones

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Aajonus, one time, you know when I was talking to someone at the airport, you know, trying to convince him not X ray my food, the fellow said that when I'm up in the airplane flying that I get hit with way more radiation from the sun.  


Absolutely, but It's a sun radiation and there's no damage from sun radiation unless you have no good fats in your body.  

Ah, so it's a different kind of radiation. Completely different kind, yes.  

[Attendee #2] 

How far from the cell phone?  


Well, when I put the meter up to it, it's about probably 9 inches from the cell phone, but the problem is that radiation affects the nerve tissue, it doesn't seem to affect other tissues.  

So what I use I use is earbuds, so and I put the I put the meter up on the ear button there's no you know radiation at all, but it's right there, especially where that antenna is.  

The highest amount it goes up to 7 to 8 gals of radiation, so if I'm using it, I keep it away from me.  

Or if I happen. to be you know- even a cordless phone is the same way.  

So, I have a headset with my cordless phone, and I will have this, you know near a thick layer like my pants I have it clipped onto my belt if I have to walk around and do things while I'm.  

Talking on the phone.  

Otherwise, it sits on the desk or somewhere else or in the couch.  

Wherever I'm sitting you will not be against my body. 





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