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Well, that depends. Black people, dark people, Asians all over the world. They're dark because they keep absorbing the sun and it's just like the black people in their health. They're the greatest sports people in the world cause they've only been eating cooked foods for 400 years since we shipped them over here. 

They eat raw, raw meats and raw everything. The fat in the skin determines whether you use the sun's rays properly and the sun will transform fats into vitamin D and other lipids and cholesterol. Then nutrify the body, and help bones grow and tissue regenerate, cells divide. Sun is very, very important if you want to [unclear]. 

So, most people who are very fair skinned. A person who has [unclear], that shows very unhealthy skin when you were young. It takes more time to regenerate that tissue, but I found in the last year doing experiments if you start putting meat slices on your face at night. The skin actually starts revitalizing. 

So, that's what you can do to wake it up, so you can handle the sun better. However, you still have pore absorption of the fats, so he still may have to be able to be out in the sun for a couple of hours, beyond that he may need covered.  

It's like I can go outside, and I can be out in the sun as long as I'm not in the salt water I can be out there every day for 10, 12 hours a day in the bright sun. And I'll turn black, and I mean black and with these blue eyes it becomes like Kimberly, but when my skin goes black and when I was a kid, if I looked at the sun, I burned. I mean, if I were out there 10 minutes, I'd blister, but it isn't that way now that I'm on this diet, but it takes a while to get there.  

If you're very young, you're under 20. It only takes 10 days of being on the butter to be able to absorb the sun properly. I even had an albino. Ate butter and lots of avocados and eat proper foods to be able to utilize the sun's rays properly, and the first time he went out, he fell asleep, was out there six hours and not burned. 

But he was only 19 years old. You know, as you get older, it takes the skin a longer time to regenerate, we don't have the growth hormones that we do till we're 21. So. after that takes longer, so like I said, in the book, you keep flipping sides if you're sunning. If you're out there doing some kind of sport, you better wear a long-sleeved shirt if you start feeling too hot. 

If you burn, you can prevent yourself from blistering just by putting egg white on there, or the formulas I've given for burn. In the revision I'm splitting those up. I'm putting burn separate from sunburn. So, there won't be any mistake about it. 

The primal facial body care cream, new one in the recipe book is great also for getting rid of burn and also helping you prevent burn, and also causing you to tan. Now, if you wanna get white, there's a lot of Asian girls that you're not considered elite and of the... 





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