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MSM, you were saying something sort of a negative about it? 


MSM is a sulfur. It's an isolated sulfur, concentrated sulfur. Anytime you have a concentrated mineral, it causes an imbalance of all the other minerals in the body, especially calcium, potassium and phosphorus.  


Well, supposedly it's good for the joints and things like that. 


Yeah, it burns and dries out any kind of virus that's trying to clean the joint. So, you're going to get stiffer as you get older and you're likely to have cartilage deterioration. Now, MSM has only been around for about 12 years on a large basis, and the effects of it will be show up in another 15 years. 

Just like when they started to use sulfur as an antibiotic when I was a child. They had to stop. They're still using it, but not like they used to, they used to give it for everything, and they found that people were poisoning.  

In 1969, 60 minutes did an episode showing three women who spontaneously combust. Neither of 'em were around any flames at the time, and one woman burned three quarter, 75% of her body. Another woman burned one half of her body and the other one burned one third of her body.  


From the inside, are you talking about?  


No, just went on flames in the skin. The clothes went up in flames, everything went up and there, there was no cause of it. 

So, I was studying chemistry at the time, and I thought, okay, we make matches out of sulfur. It's very easy to ignite it with one spark. Just think if the body uses converts it to like a nitroglycerin, we have natural nitroglycerin in the body all the time. What if it got to a point and mixed with sulfur and came out the skin? 

It could cause that kind of a spontaneous combustion. So, I was very sick at the time still, and I couldn't work, so I was acting cuz you just sit around on a set, get up and say your lines and got paid a lot of money. And I had an agent who was the head of publicity to MGM. So, I got him to get ahold of the producers and they gave me the women's names and I wrote them and then got to talk with them on the phone.  

The woman who got three quarters of her body burned had been taking sulfur for 32 years for kidney damage, kidney problems. The next woman who burned half of her body had been taking it 22 years. The woman who burned one third of her body, 12 years, can you imagine 12, 22, 32 is always on the twos could be some kind of a biological cycle in some people that produce it every 12-year period.  

In these particular women, it came to that effect and the sulfur burned the body. So, you never know what sulfur can do, but sulfur is always used to dry out the body, and it burns when it's mixed with a fluid solution, it burns in the body, causes irritations. Causes all kinds of problems.  

So, people with joint pains, certainly. It's going to draw up the swelling, the natural swelling in there that's to provide more fresh nutrients to cleanse that area and heal it is being eliminated by the sulfur. Of course, the symptom goes away. Oh, I'm better. I'm healthy. No, you're not, because now what's the sulfur that's deposited there going to do, is it going to dissolve the cartilage? 

Is it going to harden the tendons and arteries, certainly will. So. you can spend for your latter years going around like this. Stiff as can be 

Well, Charlie Chaplin was like this. 

He was a loose problem. 

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