Sugar Destroys E Coli





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It's never from that directly because the body is use to being in trauma, it has a higher nutritive need. Stress will burn up a lot of nutrients, especially B vitamins quickly. Then your body's hungry for a lot of B vitamins.

Only way you can balance that is eating a lot of eggs and meat and milk and making sure your, your intestines work well, your E coli is plentiful. If it isn't, you need to stay away from anything that will cause contamination in the bowel, and that's a lot of fruit. Fruit will destroy the ability, ripe fruit will destroy the ability, sugars will destroy the coli, enemas, colonics will destroy it.

When the food moves from the ileocecal valve into the colon, the E coli they're plentiful, and they just keep eating away and eating away at the food, their discard, which is shit and urine, their discard is our food. They've digested it for us. They've separated and fractioned it for us. So, that's where we derive all these nutrients, as it passes through, all that digestion is occurring, and then when we get to the descending colon and at the sigmoid colon finally is where all that stuff starts being absorbed. So, the sigmoid colon, almost all of it is just ripped out of the fecal matter.

That's why you get very dry right there, and if you get very dry right there, that means your body is very hungry.

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