Sugar Craving Is Digestive Enzyme - Eat Honey









If it's mainly sweets, like carbs, you've got a digestive problem. You don't have enough digestive juices. Let me give you an example, when I was spear fishing off of Ko Samui, the island in Thailand, and the fellow that I was spear fishing with shot a certain kind of fish with incredible edible bones, the spine, the vertebrates. And she would sit there and eat them. And I thought God, to be able to eat bones. And she said, these bones are incredible, they taste like popcorn.

So, she gave me a piece and I *gnaw*. I'd love to have teeth like that, there's no way I was gonna chew that bone. I worked on it for an hour and a half, I probably didn't dissolve 1% of it. So, then I took some honey, cuz I was, my mouth was getting dry from it, and that bone bone dissolved in five minutes.

Just disintegrated when I bit it after having the honey in the mouth with it for about five minutes, just disintegrated. So, I got to digest that bone. Anytime you have a sweet craving it's for digestive juices, have honey. Don't have a lot at one time, just keep having little amounts, put it in your milk, whatever it is.

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