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Do you know the actress from [unclear], well her husband just had a major stroke. She's a friend of mine. I was recommended hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Are you familiar with those? I've heard that they reverse a lot of the damage of stroke. Is there anything else besides the hyperbolic chambers? 


Those hyperbolic chambers only work in very rare cases, and it doesn't have anything to do with the chamber. 

It's just you've got that certain amount of people that reverse that condition. 

[Attendee #2] 

Doesn't it bring oxygen into the system? 


Your oxygen isn't what causes nerve damage. It's got nothing to do with it. Oxygen just means that you transmit and relay certain kinds of information in and out of the nervous system, because the oxygen just doesn't get into the muscles. 

You don't have the ability to utilize fat as energy, whether the fat was from an acetone or a regular fat. 


He has high blood pressure too. 


So, anybody who has high blood pressure, just remember anybody, who's got a body functioning in a certain way, that body's functioning because it needs to. High blood pressure is very important for anybody who's got collapsing intestines. They need that high blood pressure to keep the veins and arteries up, otherwise they'll collapse. 

So, you got all these doctors giving them things that their body is trying to correct, and they just get worse and worse and worse. Everybody that has that condition is dead within seven years. No matter what age they are. It's ridiculous. 

The only thing that will help that reverse that stroke damage is eating chicken and fish together with some butter and cream. 

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