Stretch Marks From Poor Diets In Asian Countries








I went into the hospitals and I went into the pediatric division, cuz I could meet a lot of the young women who had children. 100% of them had stretchmarks and we're talking 16 to 20 year olds. Those are the ones only ones I saw, 16 to 20 year olds. Some of them the stretchmarks were actually plasticized, shiny plastic from the garbage food that they're eating because they're eating Coca-Cola and McDonald's and all the garbage foods that come from America.


I don't understand how to food causes it?


the food that they're eating when they get pregnant and after they have the baby their skin isn't elastic and their mothers and their mothers don't have it. They had 2 - 5 children and they don't have any stretch marks.

Maybe they've got those old rolls, but no stretch marks. And these young girls stretchmarks, every one of 'em has stretch marks and I probably saw all together in Cambodia and four hospitals in Thailand and three in Vietnam, 100% of those young women had stretchmarks.

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