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Don't know what the core source is, but I've had stiffness in my right arm and did some traveling this summer, pulling luggage, pain increased. I don't know if I tore something or something else was already started and, played tennis in a lot of pain because my ego and ever since then I had, I've had a lot of pain in my arm.

The classic tennis elbow, but it's gotten better, but I'm at the point now where it's not getting better, and it swells and flares up. Can't play tennis or golf anymore. When I do yoga, I have to be careful in my right arm, and it's not getting better.


It's very common, very common.

Like I said earlier, you get poisons that go into the bone marrow. She used to be very heavy, very heavy, and she had a lot of fat to protect her. Then she got on the too thin side for a little while, and what happened was the poison started going into her bone marrow, like I said, a few minutes ago when it exits, it exits a joint.

As long as the poison is in the hard bone, it can go out through the muscles, and the tendons, and now through the skin. But once it gets into the bone marrow, the only exit point is a join. Poisons go out the joint, they burn the joint. They cause all kinds of pain and problems, minerals collect, and that's what causes soreness and stiffness.

Whey is the thing to drink to help break that down and alleviate it. So, drink a whole cup a day, half a cup at a time, twice a day. Let's say, somewhere around 11AM and somewhere around 8PM, and then after about 10 days, cut it down to a half a cup, a day, quarter cup in about 11AM and about, uh, quarter cup at about 8PM.

And just keep on that until the pain goes away. Then if it returns after a few months, and you're still discharging out that joint and you need to keep it up until the pain goes away, until it stops. It could be 50 years depending upon if you ever got an injection in this arm and the shoulder and the thimerosal and aluminum went into the joint and into the bone marrow through the bone.


Sometimes my entire arm is sore, it's all through into the shoulder.


That means it's coming out the shoulder and out the joint. And when it comes out the shoulder and the joint, what is to come out, what's around the shoulder and joint? Not a lot of muscles, most of the muscles are down here.

What along here? Tendon. So, it has to discharged through the tendons, has to travel all the way down into the muscles before it can get into the lymphatic system, into the connective tissue and out through the skin. So, you're gonna have a soreness all the way up and down the arm.


Can a hot water bottle help?


Hot water bottle helps increase circulation and move it faster.

The whey will help break down the minerals collecting that causes the stiffness and the soreness.





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