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What are the health benefits of stevia, if there are any? 


Stevia? It's a sweetener? It's another toxic pollutive, chemical. Anytime you take any food and you isolate it, you have to use heat and, or a chemical solvent to extract it.  

Would you take your food and soak it in kerosene before you eat it? 

That's what it's like. Any food that's extracted no longer has any enzymes or couplings left. And unless you have that coupling, it's like me taking you, dismembering you and giving you a whole job, it's not gonna happen.  


What most people don't understand about stevia and these other things, an easy way to explain it is. 

Anybody understand what maple syrup is? Okay, it's the same thing. You're taking the SAP of the tree, but you can't eat the sap off of the maple tree, it's unbelievably bad. But they boil it, cook it, and isolate it and create the sweet thing that we now eat.  

It's the same with stevia and a whole bunch of other things that they're using nowadays. What it is is a processed particle. It’s not nature provided at all.  


It's the same thing as molasses. The molasses is the garbage oil that's left from boiling sugarcane at at least 475°. They do it now at 725° or something like that. And that's the gunk garbage that's left on the bottom and that garbage because it is a vegetable oil causes hardening of the arteries and hardening of the heart. Vegetable oils cause all the hardening of the heart and hardening of the artery. 

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