Stem Cells and How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles


stem cells


bone marrow



dry skin



Is that cuz of the stem cells?


Yeah, cause of the stem cells. The only three places we can find good stem cells that will work are from bone marrow, sperm and ovum. Very difficult to farm ovum. Anybody want to volunteer? And most of the sperm is not coming from real healthy men, but it still works,, but the bone marrow coming from an organic animal is terrific, phenomenal.

Does anybody know what's her name at Rawsome? Erica. She's done the diet a long time, but she's one of those women that never would gain excess weight. So she always stayed strong, trim, never got enough fat to remove all the dryness that she had, specially in the face.

And the reason the face shrivels up faster on everybody is because of the heavy metals. Most of the metallic minerals go to the brain and nervous system cuz the brain nervous system use most of the metallic minerals to conduct electricity and transfer light. So, we have most of the metallic poisons are free radicals in the brain, when they dump: they dump out the gums of the tongue, the salivary glands, and that draws the fats out of the face, so the face shrivels.

So, even though she filled up and wasn't dry anywhere else, she never had enough to refill her face. Been on the diet probably 7 years, maybe 8. I suggested that she'd be one of my Guinea pigs and use bone marrow on her face, in three months, almost all the dryness was gone.

85% of her wrinkles were gone in three months.


How often?


She did it three days a week.


Rub it in and leave it?


Absolutely, you leave it. As long as you're using it fresh, you're getting it weekly, they won't stink.

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