Steam and Sauna Vs Hot Bath - Mechanics

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Can you use a steam room? 


No, because it burns the sinuses. It will burn the lungs, damage the mucus membranes. 


So, the sauna would be better? 


If you're in that kind of hot- you have to understand steam is 212°.  

That burns the mucus right through the mucus themselves. So, you reduce your ability to absorb oxygen, you'll reduce your ability to produce mucus that protects you from pollution. Not a good thing. Very risky. 


Um, I do a fair amount of work on my car, and then recently I've gotten a little concerned... 


Blade operators and mechanics. 

Blade is a machine that you turn something, and you cut it, shave it.  


So, I should wear gloves and just touch as little? 


And if you're playing around with brake fluid or kerosene, you better wear a mask.  


Oh really? Does your cream help at all? I've been using that.  


Yeah, it does. You put it in your hands and then put gloves over that. Protect you a lot better. Put it on your face, anywhere your body's exposed cause those vapors will come up and get right into your skin, and those are heavy metals, they're vaporized. 


Like if you touch it, it does. Does it stay in your skin, or does it get absorbed right into your body too?  


Oh, it's into the skin and absorbs into the body cause the lymph has to deal with it.  

The lymph system can't handle it and it'll be absorbed into all kinds of tissue. 

Very toxic. All mechanics and blade operators. Especially airplane. They use more solvents than any mechanic. 





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