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So, I worked very hard at finding something I could use to substitute for that cooked starch with the raw fat to bind with those neurological toxins. Nuts was my best shot, but I couldn't get rid of the enzyme inhibitors that would prevent digestion of protein for 20-48 hours after eating the nuts, and that's not just the protein in the nuts. 

That's the protein in any food you eat after that, whether it be eggs or, or meat it just wouldn't digest properly. So, I started thinking about what could I neutralize these enzyme inhibitors with? How could I inhibit the enzyme inhibitors, turn it right back on them.  

So, I found that when I mixed- I mixed quite a few things to try to work it out, and finally, when I mixed eggs, honey, and a fat with it, whether it was butter, coconut cream, peanut oil, olive oil, some compound with it, some fat with it. It worked and you only had to take it one day a week and it would work for the whole week. 

So, I used the nut formula in combination. The nut formula is nuts, egg, a fat and honey. It has to be a lot of honey for. Let's say I recommend normally a half a cup of nuts, the softer nuts are better like walnuts and pecans, pine nuts, [unclear] for some people who have a good liver, and pumpkin seeds for those few who have a good liver and sunflower seeds. 

So, the easiest to digest are walnuts and pecans. The next are pine nuts and sunflower seeds. However, the pine nuts can cause intense glandular detoxification and nausea. 

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