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What can help reduce the appearance of veins and capillaries on the legs?


She asked about the appearance of veins and capillaries, varicose veins, thrombosis, all of those are involved and that's when you don't have a lot of live cells in those veins, your body's starting to collect dead cells in the veins.

And you may have blockages in your connective tissue. So, the capillaries will come very close, go right into the very top layers of skin, which is not normal. And the veins will get to where the capillaries are to allow more blood circulation in there, not normal, but that's what happens when you start clogging the veinous tissue and the arterial tissue with dead cells.

First of all, you have to clear the plaque that usually occurs on the vein and arterial walls. Vinegar is the only thing that does it quickly, a good raw diet with lots of raw fats will take it away gradually when it's eating like coconut cream and pineapple is a good cleanser of those veins.

But if you're afraid of a heart attack or a brain aneurysm, you know people who have had strokes, the vinegar is the only way you're gonna do it quickly. Once you have a lot of vinegar though, you're gonna demineralize the body. So, you have to eat tons of cheese to make up for that loss, for that imbalance of minerals.

And remember raw unsalted cheese eaten without honey goes to the body, pulls out the toxicity and moves out the bowels, you cannot digest it. I've done probably about 20 some tests, and I found that unless somebody eats honey directly with the cheese, you do not absorb the minerals, but when you do eat honey directly with the cheese, it's your best mineral supplement.

All of those minerals are from dairy and they are absorbed very readily and very quickly when you have a little bit of honey with the cheese, and it's a very little amount of honey in ratio to the cheese. So, it's 3 - 1 cheese to honey. It can even be less, it can be 6 - 1. So, it's one tablespoon of cheese to one teaspoon of honey or less, can be one tablespoon of cheese, a half a teaspoon of honey.

It's better to air on the lower side of honey. If you eat too much honey with the cheese, it's going to become a fuel for energy, rather than for rebuilding the bones and the rest of the body, stabilizing the nervous system.





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